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NSMQ Champion Anthony Papa Eliason Graduates with First Class Honours from KNUST



NSMQ Champion Anthony Papa Eliason Graduates

In a heartwarming announcement, the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) took to Twitter to extend heartfelt congratulations to Anthony Papa Eliason, a member of the victorious NSMQ 2019 team from St. Augustine’s College. Anthony recently achieved a significant milestone by graduating from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) with a remarkable First Class Honours in Electrical Engineering. This blog post celebrates Anthony’s outstanding academic achievement and the impact of his journey from NSMQ success to academic excellence.

A Journey of Triumph

Anthony Papa Eliason, known for his pivotal role in St. Augustine’s College’s NSMQ 2019 winning team, has continued to excel beyond the quiz platform. The recent announcement of his graduation with First Class Honours in Electrical Engineering from KNUST marks a continuation of his journey of triumph and academic prowess.

NSMQ 2019 Victory: A Prelude to Academic Success


As a member of the NSMQ 2019 winning team, Anthony showcased his intellectual acumen and teamwork skills on a national platform. The NSMQ victory not only solidified St. Augustine’s College’s standing as a powerhouse in science and mathematics but also set the stage for individual achievements.

A First Class Honours Achievement

Graduating with First Class Honours in Electrical Engineering is a testament to Anthony’s dedication, hard work, and intellectual capabilities. The rigorous academic program at KNUST demands excellence, and Anthony has risen to the challenge, showcasing not only his prowess in quiz competitions but also his academic brilliance in the field of Electrical Engineering.

NSMQ’s Congratulations: A Recognition of Excellence

The NSMQ’s congratulatory message reflects not only the organization’s pride in Anthony’s achievements but also its commitment to recognizing and celebrating the diverse successes of quiz participants beyond the competition. Anthony’s journey from NSMQ success to academic excellence highlights the transformative power of academic pursuits and the impact of educational platforms in shaping future leaders.


Wishing Anthony Papa Eliason the Best

In their tweet, the NSMQ expressed best wishes to Anthony Papa Eliason in all his endeavors. As he embarks on the next chapter of his journey, Anthony’s achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring students, emphasizing the importance of combining passion, teamwork, and academic dedication for holistic success.