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2024 Elections

Kojo Jones to contest Keta seat on the ticket of NDC




Kojo Jones to contest Keta seat on the ticket of NDC

Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Jones-Mensah, a wealthy businessman from Ghana, has obtained nomination forms to run for the Keta seat in parliament under the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the largest opposition party.

Kojo Jones, who goes by the motto “ready to serve,” is confident that the people of Keta in the Volta Region will choose him to represent them in parliament. He announced his decision on social media, stating that he made the choice after consulting with stakeholders in Keta and abroad.

He shared a colorful flier outlining his vision and mission for the people of Keta. Kojo Jones recognizes the need for a shift in the current state of underdevelopment, poverty, youth unemployment, failing education standards, and general decay in the Keta Constituency.

Kojo Jones picture in Kente

He will be up against incumbent MP Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey, who is also running for the NDC presidential and parliamentary elections on May 13th.


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