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Ultra-Modern Hostel for the Kayaye ready for commissioning



Ultra-Modern Hostel for the Kayaye - Accramail

In a significant stride towards community development, the Akufo-Addo government has fulfilled a promise to the Kayaye community in Accra with the completion of a new ultra-modern hostel. This transformative project, situated close to the Madina cemetery, stands as a beacon of hope and progress for the Kayaye, commonly known as head porters, in the heart of the bustling city of Accra.

The completion of the hostel is the fulfillment of a promise made by the Akufo-Addo government to address the living conditions of the Kayaye community in Accra. The promise to provide a safe and dignified space for this vulnerable group of society is now a tangible reality, marking a momentous step towards improving the lives of those who have long faced unique challenges.

Kayaye Hostel - accramail

Front View of the completed ultra-modern Kayaye (Head potters) hostel


Situated strategically close to the Madina cemetery in Accra, the newly constructed hostel is well-positioned to serve the needs of the Kayaye community. This location not only provides accessibility but also creates a sense of community within a familiar environment.

The hostel has modern facilities including Spacious Self-Contain Dormitories, a Laundry floor, Common Areas for socialization, and a security post.


Rear View of the completed ultra-modern Kayaye (Head potters) hostel

Beyond providing shelter, this initiative is poised to empower the Kayaye community by offering them an environment conducive to personal growth and community building. The ultra-modern hostel serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to creating positive change in the lives of marginalized communities.

The date for the commissioning of the facility has not yet been announced.


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