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University of Ghana’s 2023/2024 Undergraduate Admissions Cut-Off Points Released



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University of Ghana’s Cut-off Points for 2023/2024 Undergraduate Admissions

As anticipation builds for the upcoming academic year, aspiring students eyeing admission to the prestigious University of Ghana can now gain insights into the 2023/2024 cut-off points for undergraduate admissions. The unveiling of these cut-off points is a pivotal moment for prospective students, outlining the academic standards required to embark on a journey of higher education at one of West Africa’s leading institutions.

Cut-off points represent the minimum scores or grades that applicants must attain in their respective examinations to be considered for admission into specific programs. They serve as benchmarks, aligning with the university’s academic requirements and the demands of various courses.

View the latest Cut-off points here:

ProgrammesCut-off grade (Consideration)NOTE
College of Basic & Applied Sciences
BSc. Biological Sciences16 (18)C6 in Chemistry
BSc. Agriculture24C6 in Chemistry
BSc. Earth Sciences24C6 in Chemistry, C6 in Physics
BSc. Agricultural Engineering22B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Biomedical Engineering10(11)B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Computer Engineering8(10)B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Food Process Engineering18B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Materials Science & Engineering18(19)B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Family & Child Studies16C6 in Management in Living
BSc. Food & Clothing20C6 in Chemistry
BSc. Information Technology9(11)B2 in Core Maths
BSc. Mathematical Sciences12(15)B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Physical Sciences24C6 in Chemistry, C6 in Physics
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine14
BSc. Psychology22
College of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery7
Doctor of Pharmacy8
BSc. Nursing8(12)08 for Non Science / 12 for Science Background
BSc. Midwifery8(12)08 for Non Science / 12 for Science Background
Bachelor of Dental Surgery9
BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences1110 for second choice
BSc. Physiotherapy1413 for second choice
BSc. Dietetics1412 for second choice
BSc. Diagnostic Radiography1210 for second choice
BSc. Occupational Therapy1614 for second choice
BSc. Respiratory Therapy1412 for second choice
Bachelor of Public Health16
College of Education
BSc. Education24
BA. Education21
B.Ed. (JHS Specialism)24
Bachelor of Education (Early Grade Specialism)24
Bachelor of Education (Upper Grade Specialism)24
BA. Education (English)20
BA. Sports and Physical Culture24
BSc. Information Technology - Distance Education24
BSc. Administration - Distance Education30
Bachelor of Arts - Distance Education30
College of Humanities
Bachelor of Laws6
BSc. Administration - Legon Campus7
BSc. Administration - Legon Campus (Full-Fee Paying)14
BSc. Administration - City Campus24
Bachelor of Arts (General Arts Background)15(16)
Bachelor of Arts Full-Fee Paying22
Bachelor of Arts (Administration)10
Bachelor of Arts , Administration ( Fee Paying)18
Bachelor of Arts (Business/Science/ Vocational Background)12
Bachelor of Arts City Campus24
Bachelor of Fine Arts22



Prospective students are encouraged to thoroughly review the cut-off points and assess their eligibility for their desired programs. This process involves reflecting on academic achievements, understanding the program requirements, and aligning personal aspirations with the offerings of the university.

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