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Resign now to save yourself and the government – Atta Akyea calls for Ken Ofori-Atta’s resignation



Ken Ofori-Atta's resignation

Atta-Akyea Joins Calls for Finance Minister’s Resignation Amid Economic Struggles

Amid mounting pressure on Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta to step down, the Member of Parliament for Abuakwa South, Samuel Atta Akyea, has added his voice to the growing chorus. The calls for Ofori-Atta’s resignation, fueled by persistent economic challenges in Ghana, have been particularly vocalized by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In an interview on Citi TV on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, Mr. Atta-Akyea emphasized the need for self-reflection on Ofori-Atta’s part, urging him to consider both personal well-being and the interests of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“What is very frightening is the fact that you have a whole army of people saying look, you’ve had enough…I think that could be a way for him to relax. Look at all the burdens on one man. So it is his individual decision to make as to whether he should go or he should continue,” stated Atta-Akyea.

He further suggested that Ofori-Atta’s resignation could potentially contribute to a calmer political climate for both the government and the nation at large.


“He should look at himself and the troubles that everybody believes. I mean, when he is not there, then the nation will have peace…He should save himself and save the government and have his peace because he needs it,” added Atta-Akyea.

Additionally, the Abuakwa South MP criticized those wrongly attributing the country’s economic woes to Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. While acknowledging current economic challenges, he described it as “unkind” and “cruel” to place blame on Dr. Bawumia for the economic issues within the Akufo-Addo government.

Atta-Akyea highlighted that the vice president has been serving in a challenging role, facing adversarial circumstances that have hindered him from making certain critical decisions for the country.

As the clamor for Ofori-Atta’s resignation persists, it remains to be seen how the Finance Minister and the government will respond. The ongoing economic challenges in Ghana have intensified the calls for new strategies and a possible reshuffling within the Ministry of Finance, as the nation seeks to navigate its path towards economic recovery and stability.