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You won’t get help when you’re struggling to breathe- Manasseh lashes cheating hand sanitizer sellers



Freelance investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has lashed out at sellers of hand sanitizer who have drastically increased their prices so as to make huge profits as a result of increased demand caused by the coronavirus.


Education to the effect that using hand sanitizers helps prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus has led to increased demand and shortages. This development has resulted in vendors of the product hiking prices by sometimes as much as 500%.

But in a social media post targeted at the mercenary vendors, Mr. Azure Awuni described their action as “indescribable greed”, noting that they will pay for their wickedness someday and will get no help when they struggle to breathe one day.



“Increase the price of the hand sanitizer to whatever amount your indescribable greed dictates to you. But that money will not be with you forever. One day, you’ll be struggling to breathe and there won’t be a helper. You will pay for this wickedness in one way or the other. The kindness that could save your life one day will elude you. Shame on your wicked soul,” he chastised.

Meanwhile, the government has taken drastic measures to curtail the spread of the virus by among others, banning nearly all public gatherings of a social, political or religious nature.