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NDC bigwigs enjoying juicy contracts under NPP – Manasseh drops bombshell



Freelance Investigative Journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has revealed that some very top opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) members have been awarded fat contracts under this New Patriotic Party (NPP) while some NPP bigwigs were also awarded such contracts under the erstwhile NDC government.

This practice, he explains, means politicians at the very top are seeking the welfare of one another and footsoldiers must note this and not tear each other apart.

The celebrated journalist has therefore advised party footsoldiers of the NDC and NPP to not “kill” themselves at the bottom of their parties because their leaders at the top are working for their mutual benefit.

This pieces of advice, given in an open letter, admonished footsoldiers not be surprised that under NDC, NPP top ranks were given Scholarships since the practice is mutual.


“Dear NDC foot soldiers, I have seen and read your disappointment that, under your beloved NDC, some top NPP politicians were given state scholarships under questionable circumstances.

What you need to know is that the practice is mutual. There are some very top NDC members who are today getting fat contracts under the NPP regime. Some of them are praying hard that the NDC does not win or return to power. Some of them are sometimes seen on TV pretending to be fighting for you. If you want to understand them, buy a ticket to Uncle Ebo Whyte’s show and watch the characters.

It is called acting,” he disclosed.

He added that there are known leading NPP members who working for their own party to lose since they are better off under NDC

“There are also some top NPP members who are praying for Akufo-Addo to lose because their bread will be buttered better in an NDC administration than under their own party. Do you know that some top NPP politicians took money from some top NDC politicians to campaign against the NDC in 2016? In 2020, there will be a reverse,” he revealed.


He cautioned the footsoldiers to understand the game of politics and not be shocked by actions and inactions of their leadership.

“Don’t kill yourselves down there. At the top, it’s much different. There’s nothing wrong in being a political ball boy or girl, but you need to understand the game. You can follow partisan politics but do so with your brains. Work hard and put God’s plans for you to good use,” he admonished