Home General News No Sensible Young Person Will Follow NPP – Kwame A-Plus Fires

No Sensible Young Person Will Follow NPP – Kwame A-Plus Fires

Kwame A-plus No Sensible Young Person Will Follow NPP

No Sensible Young Person Will Follow NPP – Kwame A-Plus Fires

No Sensible Young Person Will Follow NPP: Kwame A-Plus has launched another attack at his former allies, the ruling New Patriotic Party, saying no sensible young person will follow that party.

A-Plus’ comment was in reaction to a video in which maverick MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong was seen chastising his own party for being greedy and selfish.

Mr. Agyapong, on his privately-owned Net2 TV, accused some NPP MP’s of awarding contracts to themselves and their children and ignoring the selfless contributions of the dedicated supporters who toiled to bring the party to power.

In his comment, A Plus, who was sharing the video via Facebook, wrote, “No sensible young person will follow NPP. It is a fact. Scientifically proven!!! Apart from the fact that the old men in the party are greedy, they are also ungrateful and very disrespectful. You can fight with your phone.“

A-Plus was a fierce campaigner for the NPP and then candidate Akufo-Addo in the run-up to the 2016 elections. His relationship with the Party has significantly seen a massive decline since the party assumed office.

Kennedy Agyapong clash with CID as A-Plus is ‘on the run’

The MP for Assin Central Kennedy Agyapong is said to have clashed with the police CID according to our source at the department when he responded to their invitation.

The Hon. MP who showed up to present what he termed as solid evidence of corruption against government appointees but ended up only providing tender documents from an Indian company he was representing to secure a contact with the National Identification Authority which he lost out.

He could not pin point how his tender documents amounted to corruption but only asked the CID to read the document which our sources say was very poorly written. On the part of musician and NPP member Kwame A Plus, The CID has been chasing him to appear without success.

The musician is said to be looking for a lawyer as most lawyers he had contacted in Accra are refusing to represent him…READ MORE


  1. So it means you, A-PLUS, were not sensible when you were following NPP. And now you think you’re sensible? You don’t realise you’re rather becoming less and less sensible than those following NPP? Know that your arrogance and haughtiness are rather carrying you to nowhere but into a deep pit. In


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