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Angry Slay Queen exposes her Sakawa boyfriend who “eats bread with toilet” for money


A Slay Queen who was unknowingly dating a Sakawa man (Yahoo Yahoo) has taken to social media to share the shocking discovery she made about her boyfriend.

According to the lady, she had sore in her mouth the first time she kissed him. When she complained, there were suggestions that she had herpes so she rushed to the hospital.

But it turned out it was oral thrush not herpes after the doctor conducted some tests on her.

After the last encounter, she visited her boyfriend who is a rich young guy to discuss what she found out with him.

Luckily, she met her boo’s best friend there and she decided to excuse them while she finds something to eat in the kitchen.

That was when she heard her boyfriend and his best friend discussing how he makes his money.

Her boyfriend was complaining to his friend that the last excreta his dealer supplied smell too much he couldn’t eat it all. He just applied a little amount to bread and ate it.

She collapsed after hearing that. That is when she realized she had to run for her.


Read the full post shared by the lady to caution other ladies



The youth are doing anything for money and it’s important for young girls and guys to stay safe, she advised.




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