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Doctored Bribe video criminal, brazen attack on Ghana’s image – Richard Dela Sky


Renowned Broadcast Journalist, Richard Dela Sky has called on Ghana’s security Authorities to arrest individuals behind the doctored video of the President supposedly taking a bribe of $40,000.

To Richard Dela Sky, the video is a brazen attack on the International Image of Ghana regardless of the fact that it’s a doctored video.

The Broadcast Journalist says the issue raises concern brings about the need for a conversation around political party financing which has over the years been a contentious issue.

“The ‘evidence’ purportedly proving that Prez @NAkufoAddo ’took a bribe’ is a brazen attack on GH’s image. While it raises legitimate party financing questions, I’ve NO DOUBT that the video was DOCTORED. The culprits acted with criminal intent. They must be arrested & prosecuted.”

His comment comes on the back of a video purported to have come been recorded in 2016 during the period for the electioneering campaign.

In the said video, the then candidate Akufo-Addo is seen taking a brown envelope which is said to contain an amount of $40,000 and 1,000 pieces of T-shirt as support for the electioneering campaign.

The opposition NDC believes that the money taken by the President was a form of bribe from Alhaji Suleman who wanted to keep his job at the Highway Authority after the NDC that appointed him had left office.


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