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Dormaahene finally reveals his political party



Dormaahene finally reveals his political party

Dormaahene finally reveals his political party

Chief of Dormaa town in the Bono Region Osagyefo Oseadeyo Agyeman Badu has refuted claims suggesting that he is a card-bearing member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) party.

The vociferous ruler has been tagged for several years for being an NDC member due to his stern criticisms mostly towards the NPP government.

But in his statement made during a clean-up exercise with the people of Dormaa, Oseadeyo Agyeman Badu revealed that he belongs to no political party. He rather sees himself as a member of the “Dormaa Party”. He will continuously advocate for the betterment of his townspeople and not fight for any political party.

According to him, he supports any government with good intentions that guarantee the country and his people’s development and criticizes unhealthy decisions governments take in Ghana because there is the need for the country to develop.


“I will continue to be critical of every government because they come here to campaign and make promises so if they are not delivering, I will say it. Sometimes they say I belong to this party and that party but I have only one vote and I can’t force my people on who they should vote for, I will never do that.

The fact is if you do the right thing like free SHS I will commend you, if you build hospitals like John Mahama did I will say it. If you ensure the progress of the One District, One Factory I will say it. I support people who bring development. Mine is the Dormaa Party, I don’t have any political affiliation. All I have is the Dormaa party and all the Dormaa party wants is development in the area,” he said.

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