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How to become an e-Zwich Agent in Ghana



How to become an e-Zwich Agent in Ghana

How to become an e-Zwich Agent in Ghana

How to become an e-Zwich Agent / 2/27/2022/Accra: The e-Zwich service is an interoperable biometric payment system that connects all financial institutions in Ghana; allowing e-Zwich cardholders to perform banking and retail transactions at the outlets of other e-Zwich financial institutions.

This electronic payment regime was introduced in Ghana in the year 2008 by the Central Bank of Ghana as a means of promoting a cashless economy and also bridging the financial inclusion gap that exists in the country.

What are the requirements for registering as an e-Zwich agent?

Generally, the requirement for setting up as an e-Zwich agent is the same across platforms, that is mobile money agent, bank agent, and e-Zwich agent. Prospective e-Zwich agents must have a bank account with a financial institution in addition to the following documents:

  1. Valid Company Registration documents (Registrar General ONLY)
  2. Valid National Photo ID of Applicant
  3. Area (s) of operation (Detailed directional map to agent location(s) or nearest landmark – GPS – digital address)
  4. Details of existing business account/new account with a recognized Financial Institution (Banks/Savings &Loans/Rural Banks)

What logistics are given to the agent by the bank after being registered?

After a successful validation by the bank, the agent would be provided the following logistics requirement:

  • Point of Sale Terminal (POS)
  • Merchant Card
  • SIM Card (any network)
  • Paper Roll

What services are provided by the e-Zwich agent?

Agents on the e-Zwich platform are set up to provide the following banking services:

  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash transfers to e-zwich cards
  • Cash transfers from e-Zwich Card to any Mobile Money wallet
  • Cash transfers from any Mobile Money wallet to e-zwich Card

How do agents make earnings?

e-Zwich cardholders are charged some amount whenever they use the card to make payments. It is from these charges that the e-Zwich agents are paid their commissions. With more transactions, much commission can be made.


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