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Regional breakdown of the registered voters


Regional breakdown of the registered voters

Regional breakdown of the registered voters: Electoral Commission has through its interactive session given a fair idea of the number of persons registered on the new voter roll ahead of the 2020 election on December 7.

The numbers, however, are provisional pending deduplication and adjudication which according to the EC chairperson will lead to a drastic drop in the numbers.

“The process of deduplication and adjudication, which are currently going will flag multiple registrations in the system,” she said.

“Additionally, the challenge system put in place during the registration and exhibition exercise will further flag unqualified voters on the register,” Jean Mensa noted further

According to the Electoral Commission, a total of 16,963,306 persons have been registered and this number includes the 30,814 persons registered during the two-day mop-up registration exercise organised over the weekend.

Greater Accra Region leads in the number of people registered on the electoral roll for the impending elections followed by the Ashanti and Eastern regions.

Below Is The Breakdown From The Sixteen Regions

1. GREATER ACCRA 3,509,805
2. ASHANTI 3,013,856
3. EASTERN 1,628,180
4. CENTRAL 1,566,061
5. WESTERN 1,185,315
6. NORTHERN 1,047,539
7. VOLTA 929,322
8. UPPER EAST 653,730
9. BONO 648,408
10. BONO EAST 592,015
11. UPPER WEST 470,271
12. WESTERN NORTH 465,444
13. OTI 353,492
14. AHAFO 315,827
15. SAVANNAH 295,648
16. NORTH EAST 288,393


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