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These 4 Prominent Ghanaians Have No University Degrees But Now Swimming In Cash



Education has been one of the most cherished assets globally. Ask the average man what he so much hopes to achieve, aside from money which is obvious, education will definitely follow closely.

For some, education brings power, class, and respect – therefore attaining a university degree is top on their wish lists. 
Others also believe education is the key to ultimate success and will do everything to educate themselves.

But there are people who have proven over the years that success is not the euphemism for education or holding a degree. 
These are people who have excelled in their various fields to become millionaires but are yet to either attend college or attain their first degrees.

Below are 4 Ghanaians without university degrees but are filthy rich in their own fields.


1. Osei Kwame Despite

Chief Executive Officer of the Despite Group of Companies, Osei Kwame Despite, has grown to become one of Ghana’s most successful businessmen.

Osei Kwame Despite

Osei Kwame Despite

Despite having never stepped foot in a college or university, he is the owner of Peace FM, UTV, Okay FM, Neat fufu, This Way chocolate drink, etc. He, however, has an honorary doctorate degree.

2. Oscar Yao Doe

Businessman Oscar Yao Doe made his name renting cars, but little do people know that his educational background does not extend past degree level.

Oscar Yao Doe

Oscar Yao Doe

He is currently the Executive Chairman of Eurostar Limousine Group.


3. Jerry John Rawlings

Ex-Ghana president Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings is one of the rich people in the country who have never stepped foot in the university.

Jerry John Rawlings

Jerry John Rawlings

Rawlings is an old student of the Achimota Senior High School but did not further his education, opting to join the Air Force.

4. Joseph Siaw Agyapong

Currently serving as the CEO of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Joseph Siaw Agyapong is ranked as one of the richest on the continent.


The businessman is the founder of the Jospong Group, under which there are a sizable number of other companies operating. He, however, has no university degree, but only boasts an honorary degree awarded to him for his outputs.

Joseph Siaw Agyapong

Joseph Siaw Agyapong

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